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Selections of Work from the A.Y.P. exposition
100th anniversary @ Gallery 4culture June 2009

we're all going to die

Selections of work from the show "We're all going to die (except for you)."
At the Henry Art Galley January-April 2008

image 003

Selections of work from the series
Work is more fun than fun & no one is more fun than me. 
Some of these works were show in the group show
"Dualities"  @
Cornish College of the Arts and
S.A.M. Rental Sales Gallery, November 2008

note and q

Selection of work from the installation "Notes And Queries"
for the group show "
For Our Readers" @ Catherine Person Gallery 2007


Started in 2007, here are a selections of an ongoing series
of war drawings with nowhere to go.